I have known David for many years and know few individuals who possess his synergistic combination of genius, creativity, eloquence, and passion.

David is a visionary who dreams big but then creates detailed plans and assembles qualified teams to bring the vision from dream state to reality.

David is a gifted guide who picks up threads and weaves them into beautiful tapestries.  He draws from philosophy, high technology, Indigenous Worldview, and mythology in his dance with ideas that culminate into valuable projects.

David is caring and attentive. He listens in a manner that is deep, like he is hearing something inside you that you haven't yet heard yourself.

Working with David has been both transformational and, as a perennial outsider, highly validating. His carefully-considered, heart-led vision for the future can help to free us from the tyranny of fear, and reintegrate us with the natural world.

David inspired me with his fearless openness and deep sense of integrity and compassion. His profound trust in the emergent, creative process is contagious... David has a gift for listening with piercing clarity to another's heart and spirit and capturing their essence in words.

Getting to know David is like getting to know life.  I count on wondrous surprises.  I rely on his natural and artful cultivation of our personal and ceremonial abilities.  I trust David's extraordinary collaborative generosity.

It feels liberating to work with David and tap into his entrepreneurial spirit -- it radically shifts my perspective of what is possible in my business.

David’s different, he’s more than just relatable. He’s HONEST. The most honest person I have had the privilege of meeting. There’s something super comforting in someone pushing you to face your true self. His broad scope of knowledge and experience make every situation that I have sought out guidance on feel so easy to take on.

David is an incredible human being! His passion for unlocking the gifts inside of others is profound, and he has an incredible vision for making this world a better place for everyone.